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  • I was in shock that you were¬†able to get so much even without us being in the same space…This has been an amazing experience. Your insights were spot on and gave me a better understanding of myself and the feelings that have been surfacing.
    NZ, Maryland, USA

You are ready to shed the old energies, the stuck beliefs and the ties that are holding you back. You are ready to step into your life, to transform into your most authentic, joyous, powerful and balanced self.

I will provide you with the healing, energy work, guidance and support to empower you to take each step you need to stand in your full power.

Hello beautiful one. Your brave soul chose to incarnate on the earth at this time of great change and transformation.

As a shamanic practitioner and crystal and energy therapist I integrate many tools and techniques to facilitate healing and your growth and spiritual development. My work is to assist you in stepping back into life, reconnecting with yourself and bringing true balance and transformation.

I work with crystal consciousness and energy, shamanic tools and personal guides and allies. In a healing session, we will be clearing, re-energising and balancing your auric bodies, balancing the chakras and working on thought forms and stuck beliefs. We will work with any energies that have been stuck or holding onto old emotions and beliefs and are ready to be healed and re-integrated.

The integration of all of our energies gives us the ability to fully stand in our own power and express ourselves fully and authentically. As we work deeply to bring forward those parts of ourselves that were hidden, inner conflict is reduced, balance and harmony are re-established and we are often opened up to a whole new way of living.


Clients come to me with a range of physical and emotional issues that they would like to resolve. I work with your body's innate wisdom to prioritise what will be addressed and I will use shamanic tools, crystals and subtle energy work to bring balance and harmony to the subtle energy bodies, as well as finding information for personal reflection and exploration. Many physical issues will have their roots in emotional or mental layers of the aura and the healing session will be focussed in the auric energy field.

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Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development is the process of connecting to who we really are, connecting to our Community, to the Earth and to the Universe. We will learn tools for inner work, strengthening our energy and inner power. We will learn tools for expansiveness, to connect with elements, our landscape, the earth and archetypal energies. We will learn the importance of ceremony, ritual and the variety of tools we can use to facilitate greater connection and deeper knowledge. We will take practical steps to bring our spirituality into the physical, to assist with planetary healing and to empower our own healing and awareness.

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