You are ready to experience something more than the everyday.

Every part of my work is to support you to step into your own power, to equip you with the tools to change your everyday and to listen to your own inner voice and wisdom.

My name is Bethan Carr and I am honoured to share your journey with you as you step into ALL of your power, integrate all of your energies and activate your full potential.

I have trained as a shamanic practitioner and a crystal and energy therapist. I am an intuitive empath, channel and energy worker.

I work with deep nature connections, travelling between worlds and connecting with light beings, elementals and galactic energies.

  • Bethan I am blown away by your clearing session!

    JT, Boston, MA, USA

I offer you the opportunity to learn all the tools you need to navigate the journey from fear and limitation to expansiveness and limitless potential. Full support on your path as you move further and further into the new earth.

I work with elementals, ancient earth wisdom and galactic tools to assist you to disconnect from the 3d matrix and anchor into the new earth.

I have trained in shamanic practice, crystal and energy therapy, geomancy and channelling to provide a comprehensive system of tools and techniques to create safe energetic space, assess energetic anomalies, balance and harmonise energy systems and to assist you in stepping into expanded consciousness.

Shamanic work has its roots across the globe in a collective history of knowledge, tools and approaches, but is also a very personal journey. Each practitioner will work with guides and allies and develop their own personal way of connecting and working with earth an universal energies and guidance.

Crystals have the most orderly structure of anything in the natural world, giving them consistent and stable energy fields. Crystal energy fields work particularly well with the body’s subtle energy systems and give a practitioner the ability to work in the subtle energy bodies and templates to bring about balance, clearing of energies and increased energy flow. I also work with crystal energy fields and consciousness to anchor affirmations, seek guidance, facilitate a deep connection to intuition, enhance lucidity of journeying and assist in deep integration of energy work.

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Spiritual Mentoring

Wherever you are on your current journey, we will work together to tailor your spiritual development mentoring sessions to your specific needs and interests. The mentoring sessions are just one part of your journey, and I will provide guidance and accountability for practices and tools to integrate into your life for lasting and ongoing change and transformation.

Examples of some of the areas of work we may cover in sessions:

  • Understanding energies within and around the body
  • Connecting to and sensing earth energies
  • Guided visualisations and tools to integrate into everyday practices
  • Working with the different aspects of ourselves, asking information and guidance for integration of our energies
  • Working with crystal consciousness for guidance and connection
  • Designing and using crystal grids
  • Shape-shifting with our senses and connecting with animal energy
  • Connecting with tree, plant and elemental energies
  • Shamanic Journeying for guidance and earth healing
  • Specific guidance and insight for your personal energy work
  • Ritual and Ceremony
  • Bethan is very intuitive and professional, it was a pleasure working with her and I would definitely recommend her treatments.
    CD, Bristol, UK