Emotional ups and downs – Do One Small Thing.

Emotional ups and downs – more like mountains and deep, dark trenches!! What’s going on with the energies right now – it feels as if we are flipping between extremes. One week we can see the love, feel the connections that are all around us – despite the chaos, despite the fear – we see through it and this is reflected in our own life. We feel hopeful, calm, empowered – things will change and we will change them! The future is bright. Then, boom – we see the chaos, we feel the chaos – this can be dramatic if other things in your environment are impacting – relationships, finances…..and we’re right there in the middle of hopelessness.

All our memories of the time before completely wiped – as if we were never there – and this is flipping back and forth quicker and quicker – what’s going on?! We are moving between 5d and 3d energies – it’s a transitional state – this too will pass. We are in the unity of serene, unconditional love of 5d and then we’re plunged into the separateness of 3d. Many people are experiencing this – you are not alone and you are not going mad!!

The best we can do right now, is to become aware of when our perceptions are changing and do small things to flip us back. If you have a routine – great! If you’re a jogger, cyclist – get out there – but some days it feels as if NOTHING will change, that we don’t feel motivated to do anything at all. ONE SMALL THING. Just do one small thing – it doesn’t matter how you feel as you’re doing it ie, oh great, I’m cleaning the kitchen, I still feel sh*t – just do it, carry on. What is the smallest thing you could do – some sort of clearing, cleaning – clearing your head with a walk outside, clearing your energies with a smudge or a spray, cleaning your room, a cupboard, a surface. Do one small act of clearing or cleaning – whatever that may mean – if you’re feeling up to it, do another and if you can make one of them outside – at the very least, open your windows and let the energy flow.

At some time after this, you will flip, you’ll shift – and don’t worry if you don’t feel instantly better as you’re taking action – just know that you ARE taking action. The shift may be slight – but it may be enough to then do something bigger – to sit and meditate – or go out and do the errand you couldn’t face – the shift will come – be patient, and as you embrace it, you will keep moving in that same direction. Know that you are trying your best and it’s enough – just reflecting on this and understanding what is happening is enough – just being the observer can be enough.

You can go one step deeper with clearing and cleaning – reflect on the things that normally clear your mind – and work out which element you connect with most when you clear and shift – air – walking outside, a windy day, water – taking a shower, swimming, cleaning, fire – sitting with a candle or open fire, visualising transmuting energy, burning things (!) not just anything, maybe your paper list of beliefs to clear, earth – gardening, getting your hands in the soil, something that gets you muddy, sitting with crystals.
Connect with that element in any way that you can, and this can be your one small thing – open a window and stick your head out, connect with the wind, light a candle and connect with the fire energy, take a shower and connect with water, re-pot a plant and get your hands in the soil.

I am launching 7 day challenges to keep ourselves accountable and encourage us to stay in that centred space – send me a message to connect and keep updated!

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