Seeing the Truth

It’s an important time to recognise the filtering that is going on within media (including social media) – much of what we read from mainstream sources is charged with an agenda. Look for sources that are not pushing an agenda or bias to the political elite, or other groups holding power. There are surprising number of links between those who own our media and large corporations across healthcare, finance and more – it is important to look for the truth. Do your own research on important topics, don’t be surprised if most facts and information you find is the opposite of what you are hearing within mainstream media.
The internet is an amazing tool and has assisted me constantly on research topics – BUT if we can connect to eachother as much as possible in person as well – meet, connect, discuss, listen, attend lectures, talks, be there to question – we can keep ourselves informed. Looking within will be your most reliable judgement on whether something feels right, and your intuition will guide you most effectively when listening to information and analysis in person. Combining this work with knowledge and researched information will give you the power to know the truth, your truth and guide you to make the right decisions and take action when needed.

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