Honouring and Connecting to the Elements


As we honour and acknowledge the elements around us, we open up to receiving their guidance and communication. The more we connect, the more the dialogue deepens and this happens very quickly as we give it our attention.

This week, if you’d like to connect more, start acknowledging the elements as you go about your day. Thank the water spirits (the endines) as you fill your glass or wash your dishes. Use a little less water, take care with switching the tap off a little earlier and let them know you appreciate the water you use.

Thank the fire spirits (the salamanders) when you are switching your electrical items on, honour them as you light a candle and acknowledge their presence.

Open the windows and feel the breeze as you greet the air spirits (the sylphs). Light some incense in their honour.

Connect to the earth spirits (the gnomes) as you care for your potted plants, chop your vegetables or sit with your crystals – there will be other spirits around all of these too (their own particular guardians) – but they all have very strong connections to the earth and thinking about the earth as we work or care for them helps our connection to the earth elementals/spirits.

The elemental spirits can be very supportive and give amazing guidance. Start deepening your understanding and connection with them by simply acknowledging their presence each day and thanking them for their interaction with us.

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