How much of your day uplifts you?

What are you choosing to focus your thoughts on right now?

Focussing your attention on the good things in life will ensure more of this flows to you – this is a fundamental universal law – the law of attraction – and is the basis of all types of positive manifesting and mindset work.

There are many tools to shift yourself from focussing on worrying and negative thoughts and to bring your attention and focus to the positive around you – these tools are the basis of a lot of my work and I will be introducing them to you as part of these posts, my blog and newsletter.

I don’t underestimate how hard it is to keep youself in a calm, centred space when it feels we have little control over events and things going on around and outside of us – but taking small steps can change our perception and in turn how we react to the world and be truly transformative.

The key is to take a step, however tiny, but to take the action. Your first action is just to tell yourself that you have the intention to move towards bringing your focus and attention to more positive thoughts, actions and conversations around you (you can change these words to whatever you wish that most resonates with you). You could take even further action on this and write your intention down on a piece of paper or say it out loud (both of these reaffirm the thought and give your intention more power – by reading your writing or hearing yourself speak it – you are witnessing the intention as well as making it).

The second small step and action you can take right now is to work on your awareness. This can be as little as reading the next paragraph and reflecting on it.

Become aware of where your attention is being drawn to – how much of the day is your attention being drawn to conversations that lift you up, information/evidence/news that informs you of the good in humanity, thoughts that reaffirm your dreams, hopes and the good in others – and how much is your attention being drawn to the opposite?

At the end of the day, you can reflect on how much of your time was diverted to each type of conversation/perceptions/thoughts. Bringing our awareness to this, allows us to take responsibility for our attention and focus.

We make our best decisions when we are centred and calm. Whatever life throws at us or for the people around us, we will best tackle it when we are coming from this space, so the tools we will later put into action are helping us with this. Committing yourself to shifting your attention and focus is the first step and bringing your awareness to this theme is the next. Spend this week just being aware of where your thoughts and attention are going – don’t judge yourself for whatever conclusions you come to – just let yourself observe how much of the day is spent on uplifting thoughts, words and conversations and how much on those that bring your energy levels down. If you have any reflections, questions, thoughts you would like to share, I would love to hear from you!

We are not running away from the challenging things going on around us – we are working on keeping our minds as clear and centred as we can – in whatever circumstances come up so that we can move forward through life as best we can and help those who need us most.

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