1:1 60 minute Clarity Session

Bring whatever situation you are struggling with; decisions you are making, areas of your work you want to expand into, relationships you would like to  move into with greater harmony

We will dive into the energetic dynamics of what is going on, get you tuned into your deep heart intelligence and intuition and shift through the fog to bring clarity

The session may include energy clearing, channelling, contact with guides and supporting energies.       click here to find out more


            1 x 60 minute Distant Healing                               and Energy Clearing                      1 x 60 minute Transformational Energy Coaching Session

Energetic balancing and clearing your energy bodies of any interferences, hooks to other people, limiting beliefs and thoughtforms

Expansion into new frequencies to fully embody your truth, your soul purpose and get rid of all noise and interference to ground your power

Guidance, channelling and an action plan to take you forward into the new earth paradigm



to your 3 month Journey of Healing, Energy Clearing and Expansion

Let me take you on a transformational journey to your true energetic essence as you remove ALL the energies that are not yours

Receive crystal clear clarity on your soul purpose, aligned action and your heart's desires and bring these into your reality

Remove blocks, inaction, and procrastination and step into your next level of expansion