The new earth energies are HERE!  It is up to each one of us to EMBODY them as we shift and expand into EVERYTHING that we are, connect with our star families, our soul families, the elementals, galactic entities – and activate ALL of the frequencies that we hold.


YOU hold the power of the universe within you. 

YOU hold the frequenices of all life WITHIN YOU NOW.

Are you ready to fully step into your TRUE POWER and FULL POTENTIAL?


I am offering you the first realm – a deep dive into elemental energies, cosmic dryad energy, soul family connections,  deep grounding and anchoring into the new earth, nourishment and activation from your wild nature self.


The first realm is a powerful program of shamanic activations, earth connections and galactic tools, enabling you to shift through all that is holding you back, release deep cell memories and expand into more and more of the universal frequencies you hold.

Are you ready for your:

This will be an exploration and a transformation – as you connect with the truth of who you are, gain knowledge of your roots, your origin, your light and divinity.  

You will be connecting to the energies of the first of four earth realms, each of which anchors you into the new earth energies,  introduces you to guides and supportive energies and provide activations and gifts,.  You are fully supported in stepping into your full power and connecting to, and anchoring into the energies of the new earth. 

Each of the realms assists you in:

  • Connector.

    Balance and Connection

    Anchoring into the new earth energies is your natural state, your truth.  Here you are balanced and connected, creative and inspired.

  • Connector.

    Support and Nourishment

    As you open up to the supportive energies around you, they assist you in moving more and more into your truth.  They support and nourish you and help to open your heart to the infinte love and abundance that is beaming to you all the time.

  • Connector.

    Expansion and Knowledge

    As you delve deep into earthly energies, you connect with universal energies, stars and planets, other worldly elementals. You expand into everything that you are, into your gifts and your power.

  • Connector.

    Activation and Transformation

    Activation into the new you, the real you – the you who has expanded through all that was not true.  You are transformed into who you always were, who you have always been – the brightest divine spark, free of all that hid your light.

Step in to more connection, more love, more abundance

Step in to more truth, higher consciousness, more knowledge

Step in to more expansiveness, more energy, more YOU!

Reconnect   Remember   Retune


These energies are already inside of you, the new earth is within and is waiting for you to connect to her.  Be supported and held in these energies, allow this journey to activate you into your highest potential.  Anchor into balance, power and truth.


Anchor into the NEW YOU.

Dear Bethan

I wanted to give you feedback after the amazing Activation session I had with you on Friday. I had no idea how powerful this work would be as all I knew was that I liked the idea of being activated into the Earth and was drawn to it with no real clue about what it would do for me. All I can say is that it has been 7 days of revelations and releases since. During my first session, I literally felt my DNA changing. I could feel an immediate shift in my mindset and wellness after receiving this activation. On the Saturday after the activation I felt more alive and tingly in my body. When I went for a walk it was like nature was singing to me and I felt like I was part of it in a way that I had never experienced before. That night I meditated and reconnected with the elementals you introduced to me and I received a profound healing. I was shown my own body and DNA as golden threads in a tapestry and the elemental pulled out all the life times of trauma on my feminine. Hundreds of them hung like golden balls above the thread and then a bright white and gold light came to heal them all. I felt my star family connecting and assisting this process. I felt much lighter and more together after and this has lasted ever since. Each day that has passed has been like experiencing a new level of being and I really feel like I am moving in to the 5D more fully.

Thank you for your amazing help and work. I can’t wait to do the next one with you.

Natasha Astara
Earthmother Starchild

Open up your intuitive gifts to a new level of cosmic alignment

Experience release and clearing of all that no longer serves you

Step in to new relationships and connections with guiding energies and supportive frequencies

Integrate ALL of your galactic energies, step into your FULL power as you RECLAIM your energy

We will delve into the soil, embody it and are nourished, energised and activated by it.  Here in the soil, you will connect to who you are, your roots, the seed of your origin.  Your connection to SOURCE.  You reconnect with elementals and cosmic dryad energy.  You re-integrate and heal your own elemental energies.  You will reconnect with your soul family and step into unity consciousness.  Here, you push your roots further and further into the new earth, and as you do so, you are more able to reach further and further up into the light.

  *  Embodiment Sessions - connecting to and embodying frequencies and energies within the soil, elemental, animal and organic life.   

* Activation Sessions - activation into universal frequencies, elemental connection and cosmic dryad connection  

* Integration Sessions - fully integrating divine archetypal power  

* The six program sessions are 1:1 weekly over skype. Bonus journeying and clearing session are completed remotely and we connect afterwards to feedback the guidance and information gathered.  

* Between sessions there is a mix of exercises, intention setting and energy work  

*  Physical and transformational shifts as you move more and more in the new earth reality - you will find that as you expand and move into this, and more into your truth and full potential - the world around you transforms.  

 *  Connection with animal, plant and tree spirits, elementals, star beings, galactic fairies, planets and stars - connection to ALL of you, all of who you are and the frequencies you embody  

The Investment

Private 1:1 experience.  

6 Weekly 1:1  activation and integration sessions with additional exercises, intention setting and workbooks.  

*BONUS* 1:1 Energy clearing session at the beginning of the journey – this is currently the only way to work with me on individual energy clearing – I work on ALL the energies that no longer work for your highest good, that are not aligned to you stepping into your truth.

*BONUS* 2 x Journeying, channelling and guidance session to bring clarity to any areas of transformation and integration.

Investment for Realm ONE of activations, initiations, embodiments and empowerment

1:1 journey with me  $1499

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