Let me take you on a journey
to Your Source, Your Origin, Your True Nature.

A transformation into everything you already are – a journey to your SHAMANIC ROOTS.

You agreed to come to earth at this time of great change and transformation. You knew it would be a challenging journey of incredible discovery.

You are here to expand into your full multidimensional self, to experience ALL universal frequencies and to ground these energies to earth.

This is a Transformational Energy Programme to reconnect with your shamanic roots, your star roots, your multidimensional self and expanding your consciousness to step into and create the New Earth and YOUR new reality.

I am here as a facilitator, a guide, a co-creator. I will show you the tools, hold space when you need to shift, guide you on the journey.

This is a journey with Elementals - they will guide you to who you are.

You will initiate and connect into New Earth Realms, meet guides and elementals and discover your roots.

You will activate and awaken dormant frequencies and step into new gifts.

Meet the soil, surface life, atmosphere and inner earth.  Discover your galactic tools, your multidimensional energy and ground it all into your life on earth.

This is a journey of discovering who you are on every level, of reawakening your true frequencies and bringing ALL of your gifts and power into the New Earth Paradigm as you move into your MOST EXPANSIVE physical reality on earth.

Dear Bethan

I wanted to give you feedback after the amazing Activation session I had with you on Friday. I had no idea how powerful this work would be as all I knew was that I liked the idea of being activated into the Earth and was drawn to it with no real clue about what it would do for me. All I can say is that it has been 7 days of revelations and releases since. During my first session, I literally felt my DNA changing. I could feel an immediate shift in my mindset and wellness after receiving this activation. On the Saturday after the activation I felt more alive and tingly in my body. When I went for a walk it was like nature was singing to me and I felt like I was part of it in a way that I had never experienced before. That night I meditated and reconnected with the elementals you introduced to me and I received a profound healing. I was shown my own body and DNA as golden threads in a tapestry and the elemental pulled out all the life times of trauma on my feminine. Hundreds of them hung like golden balls above the thread and then a bright white and gold light came to heal them all. I felt my star family connecting and assisting this process. I felt much lighter and more together after and this has lasted ever since. Each day that has passed has been like experiencing a new level of being and I really feel like I am moving in to the 5D more fully.

Thank you for your amazing help and work. I can’t wait to do the next one with you.

Natasha Astara
Earthmother Starchild

This is an initiation into the energetic realms of new earth. Anchor into these frequencies as you connect, awaken and align with the New Earth energies within you.

💫You will be guided on journeys to connect with FOUR REALMS of New Earth - The Soil, The Surface Life, The Atmosphere and Inner Earth.

💫You will meet elementals of all realms, divine mother and father energies, divine masculine and feminine archetypal nature energies, beings of the soil, land and air, beings of inner earth, cosmic dryads, galactic elementals.

💫You will receive deep healing and energy clearing of all parts of you - multidimensional, past and future life, ancestral lineage, implants and programmes - all energies that do not align with your divine human blueprint.

💫You will clear neural pathways and communication pathways in the body that old beliefs and patterns have created - you will reset and realign into your most expansive energies.

💫You will re-awaken and integrate your divine human blueprint.

💫You will receive guidance, tools, knowledge and deep insight into where you came from and who you really are

💫Each person creates their own unique journey and receives their own unique insights.  For some there is deep connection with their soul family, others will meet their star family, their ancestors, others will align with their elemental family.  All who undertake this adventure, this exploration will expand into the New Earth Energies of Unconditional Love, Unity Consciousness, Compassion, Joy and Deep Connection.

💫The key to this programme is the energy shifts you make and the EMBODIMENT of nature energies.  This enables you to fully perceive the world in unconditional love and unity consciousness as you awaken these nature frequencies, embody them and expand into their perception.  This enables you to anchor into 5d consciousness, to awaken your gifts and fully step into your soul mission.  This is a programme of SPIRITUAL EXPANSION – which is FULLY EXPANDING INTO THE PHYSICAL.  Experiencing the physical on every level and being your most vibrant, aligned, multidimensional self.  Connecting to the physical world around you in a completely new way.


Ways to Step Into This Programme:

Full 1:1 Experience. Fully immersive experience.  Four, Two Day retreats in nature.  Currently available in selected locations in North America, Australia, India and Europe.

1:1 Distance Programme.  Four Month Programme of visualisations and 1:1 Energy Sessions with me.

And for those wishing for an accessible way to complete this programme and work at your own pace, please get in touch for more information on the fully self study version.  

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