When working with me, you will be connecting to the four realms of the new earth. Each realm introduces you to guides and supportive energies, provides activations and gifts and anchors you into the new earth.  You are fully supported in stepping into your full power and connecting to, and anchoring into the energies of the new earth. 

Each of the realms assists you in:

Anchoring into the new earth energies is your natural state, your truth. Here you are balanced and connected, creative and inspired.

As you open up to the supportive energies around you, they assist you in moving more and more into your truth, your multidimensional self. They support and nourish you and help to open your heart to the infinite love and abundance that is beaming to you all of the time.

As you delve deep into eartly energies, you connect with universal energies, stars and planets, otherworldly elementals. You expand into everything that you are, your gifts and your power.

Activation into the new you, the REAL you – the you who has expanded through all that was not true. You are transformed into who you always were, who you have always been – the brightest divine spark, free of all that hid your light.

We start our journey within REALM ONE

We will delve into the soil, embody it and are nourished, energised and activated by it.  Here in the soil, you will connect to who you are, your roots, the seed of your origin.  Your connection to SOURCE.  You reconnect with elementals and cosmic dryad energy.  You re-integrate and heal your own elemental energies.  You will reconnect with your soul family and step into unity consciousness.  Here, you push your roots further and further into the new earth, and as you do so, you are more able to reach further and further up into the light.

Each of our energy sessions together will include some of the following:

*  Embodiment Sessions – connecting to and embodying frequencies and energies within the soil, elemental, animal and organic life. 


* Activation Sessions – activation into universal frequencies, elemental connection and cosmic dryad connection


* Integration Sessions – fully integrating divine archetypal power


* Between sessions there is a mix of exercises, intention setting and energy work


*  Physical and transformational shifts as you move more and more in the new earth reality – you will find that as you expand and move into this, and more into your truth and full potential – the world around you transforms.


 *  Connection with animal, plant and tree spirits, elementals, star beings, galactic fairies, planets and stars – connection to ALL of you, all of who you are and the frequencies you embody