It is time. We are stepping into our highest potential timelines – it’s time for co-creation, for taking responsibility and consciously creating the earth we want to live on.

You are ready to shed the old energies, the stuck beliefs and the ties that are holding you back. You are ready to step into your life, to transform into your most authentic, joyous, powerful and balanced self.

Reconnect to your wild nature self, integrate your galactic frequencies and step into your POWER.

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Visualisation to activate elemental energies and meet the Council of 9.

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Hello beautiful one. Your brave soul chose to incarnate on the earth at this time of great change and transformation.

There is so much to now expand into -we have access to lighter and lighter energies, to higher and higher frequencies. As the earth enters unity consciousness, we are connecting to more and more of the universe and the life that resides in it.


Hi! My name is Bethan Carr.  Over the last 10 years of my journey as an Energy Healer and Psychic Energy Coach, I have been working with elemental energies to support people in RECONNECTING to who they really are.

Mastering, understanding and working with our energy flow is essential to interacting with the world in our highest expression, to establishing the most nourishing relationships with our loved ones, nature and OURSELVES. 

  • I shifted more with Bethan’s earth activation than I had done with all the meditations, yoga and therapy I had all year. I received clear insights and felt so much better after. Thank you for this amazing opportunity to live in my alive awakened self.
    N.A. UK

  • I was in shock that you were able to get so much even without us being in the same space…This has been an amazing experience. Your insights were spot on and gave me a better understanding of myself and the feelings that have been surfacing.
    NZ, Maryland, USA
Journey with me to connect with your Wild Nature Self. I provide programmes and 1:1 sessions to assist you in clearing your energy field and understanding all the energy dynamics going on around you now so that you can show up as your most expansive, divine expression.

I work with elemental flow and opening up your energy channels to more connection to the frequencies that are beneficial to you and disconnecting you from the resonances that are not.

My energy clearing sessions are powerful and multidimensional and my programmes and psychic energy coaching support you in understanding your energetic flow, your dynamics and how you are interacting with the world right now. This gives amazing insights into your relationships, how to have greater impact in your work and how to transform how you feel, think and act and keep in optimum balance.

Anchor Into the 5D Earth

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